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A pioneering Internet company founded in 1995 that offers comprehensive internet email marketing platforms, software and solutions for business and organizations worldwide. Since 1995, clients have sent over 85 billion email messages with Net Atlantic.

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Contact us and we’ll get your campaign onto our schedule. We’ll assign you a dedicated, professional USA-based in-house email expert who will be completely responsible for your campaign and your satisfaction from start to finish. We’ll communicate with you by phone, email, or live chat, or all three. It’s your choice.

Prepare the images and written content your email message(s). This includes all text, images, links to landing pages and any social media links you’d like in your email. We’ll also need the email address you want to send from as well as the subject line you’d like to use for each email.

For each mailing we’ll need to know to whom you’d like each message sent to as well as your mailing list.

Finally, we’ll need to know when you want to send your mailing or the frequency of messages in your campaign.

At some point in the process, you’ll need to send us your subscriber list. We’ll upload it properly to our system. You can also send us your suppression list, if you like. We can handle all list formats. Plain text, csv, MD5 hashed format, and others are all acceptable.

Once our team has gathered all the necessary information, we’ll enter it into our system and begin development. After the campaign is developed, we’ll send you test emails to confirm they meet your expectations. We’ll also begin our SPAM analysis and email client testing to ensure proper delivery. After we receive approvals for the campaign elements, we’ll deploy your campaign based on your desired schedule.

Once your mailing or campaign is complete we’ll send you a complete analysis on how your campaign performed, including information on successful deliveries, audience engagement, and any errors. If you have selected to perform A/B split tests we’ll also include recommendations for enhancing your campaigns to achieve the best possible results.


Typical Uses

Why business and organizations outsource the sending of their email marketing messages

Advertising Agency

A successful Advertising Agency focuses on their creative work, and delegates the sending functions to an experienced...Read More

Publishing Company

A Publishing Company needs to deploy comprehensive digital strategies to reach their readers with both fulfillment ...Read More

Lead Generation Company

A Lead Generation Company wants to optimize strategies in order to generate leads, capture prospects...Read More

Political Sender

A Political Sender wants to focus their efforts on various constituents, groups, voters, advocates, or committee members...Read More

City or State Government

A City or State Government wants to communicate with their residents, citizens, constituents, and interested parties...Read More

Health and Fitness Company

A Health and Fitness Company sends messaging out to their subscribers and members to encourage healthy lifestyles...Read More

Reasons to Outsource

10 Quick Reasons to Outsource Your Email
Marketing Sending

Professional Service

you can rest assured knowing that the people you have turned your...Read More

Technology Expertise

Rest assured that our sending team knows our platforms and technologies ...Read More

Dedicated Sending Representative

The person you will work with at WeSendIt knows you, your company, ...Read More

Full Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting provide you with some of the best reporting in the industry...Read More

Save Time, Save Money

Some things are best learned and executed in-house. Other things are best...Read More

Fast Turnaround

We can usually complete preparation, testing, and sending of your email messages ...Read More

Responsive Format

Today people check their email on 3 - 5 different kinds of devices and form factors...Read More

Delivery Reports to Share

You can share your campaign report with key members of your team to...Read More

100% USA-Based On-Site Team

Our email marketing professionals are USA-based and are not...Read More

Advocating for You

If we see an opportunity to improve your campaign, segmenting, split tests, creative...Read More

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  • 2 database
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  • $29 / Year

  • Demo file
  • Update
  • File compressed
  • Commercial use
  • Support
  • 5 database
  • Documetation
  • Extended

  • $59 / Year

  • Demo file
  • Update
  • File compressed
  • Commercial use
  • Support
  • 8 database
  • Documetation

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